Monday, March 1, 2010

Running Etiquette

I found this list of helpful group etiquette techniques while looking for some local runs in a community where I'm about to go for two weeks. Helpful, fun, and definitely made by runners! Check them out. What do you think? Should we modify, change, add...? What are some that you wish were on the list that you wish some runner had known before? I wish that some of them here were known by some guys I have run with before!

Group Run Etiquette

Running is normally an individual solitary activity. There are times, however, when running with others is possible and fun. For those not used to group running, here are some tips.

  • If you are fast, plan to run slower, and if you are slow, plan to run faster. You can run on your own at your own pace anytime but the idea is to sacrifice something to run with the group. Plan on trying to make sure everyone is running with someone else.
  • The greater good of the group should take precedence over your own individual selfish desires.
  • Know the plan before the group starts: how long, how far, where. If you cut things short and/or leave early, let others know so they do not stress out wondering where you are.
  • Bring a watch and know how to read it. Especially if the group drives to a site and decides that the cars drive back at a certain time, make sure you are there at that time.
  • If you bring a dog, plan on driving your dog to and from the run, or make arrangements with others. Ask first to see if dogs are acceptable. Not everyone wants to sit with a smelly dog in a car.
  • Keep your dogs under control at all times. It is upsetting to others to constantly have to dodge and trip over loose dogs, and to watch loose dogs chase wildlife. Bring a leash and know how to use it. Not everyone wants to go home smelling like a dog.
  • If you already smell like a dog yourself, consider finding your own ride to and from the run and running behind others.
  • Please apply the same rules for friends as used for dogs. Make sure they can come, make sure they are under control, and if they smell like a dog run in the back with them.
  • If you are passing, do so when there is space and give others a wide berth. Please do the same if you are passing gas also.
  • Don't be loud and obnoxious on a group run.
  • Don't wear loud and obnoxious clothing to a group run.
  • Remember that what is said on a group run, stays on that run. Oxygen debt and/or abundance makes the brain work in strange ways.
  • Running with a group is a privilege, not a right.
  • There is always someone faster or slower than you, but they may not have showed up on that day.