Monday, January 10, 2011

Beard Running

Back in Va and running.... nice and chilly this morning, but my greatest ally is my facial hair, aka, the Beard. In this particular photo of the Beard I am showing off the fact that the Bears are also in the playoffs!
This post, however, is not about the Bears, as nice as that is even though we could have a nice long conversation about how that will end. No, this post is about how perfect the Beard is for the cool morning runs. I'm not sure that it would be as easy to brave the easterly breeze coming off the ocean if not for a nice huge manly mane of excellence protecting my face as some sort of ski mask.
In spite of how much I do like having the Beard I am already looking forward to the next step... the Mustache! A few years ago Bryan and I grew mustaches to run the Boston and I can safely say that when I shave my beard this time my mustache will be something even greater than before!
Is it strange that my facial hair is such a big part of my running? I'm not sure that I could rock the stache if I was not actively running - I would feel as a traitor who is still pretending to work for the other side. Hmmm, maybe that guy was right and there is something wrong with me... or maybe runners without facial hair are like little babies. Who knows?