Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life of a Traveling Salesman

It has been far too long since this Baddrunner has posted.  Part of the reason is because of my extensive travel responsibilities for my job as a traveling salesman.  What do I sell?  Running of course!  Or at least running products.  I represent Pearl Izumi, CW-X compression, Soleus timing and Pocket Fuel nutrition.  I travel around the mid South and sell my products to the local Running Specialty stores.  The travels can sometimes be a curse and sometimes a blessing.  Being on the road offers the unique opportunity to run in new and exciting areas, but it also creates obstacles that can cause you to have a terrible run or skip it entirely.  The following are just some of the locations and scenarios that I've encountered along the way.

I set up a Pearl Izumi shoe try on booth during the Endurance Challenge in Jonesboro, AR.  This is a great event put on by Gearhead Outfitters, but definitely not for the faint of heart.  This is an all day event, but the account did a phenomenal job keeping the runners fueled and happy!  I had done a long run the day before and so decided not to run.  This is a mistake I will not make next year.  I plan to run a few loops myself in this beautiful park.

I was in the Chattanooga area to show CW-X and Soleus product to the local stores and had a great run at the Chickamauga Battlefield.  It was perfect weather and plenty of room to roam.  Plus I freakin' love history stuff!

 Pearl Izumi sponsored a trail race at Loretta Lynn's ranch outside of Nashville and I was on hand to educate and offer try on shoes.  Nashville Running Company put on this race and it was gorgeous.  I also failed to enter the race here, but it is a mistake I won't make again.

I stopped by to see The Runner's Hub in Clarksville, TN sometime close to Christmas.  I didn't have time to get a run in, but still enjoyed the historic downtown scene.

My wife/ business partner/ life coach/ soul mate and I traveled to New Orleans to help out at the Jackson Day Race in the French Quarter.  I was so excited to work the Quarter and had several great runs while I was there.  We were happy to work with Southern Runner for this event.

When I was seeing my accounts in south Alabama, I drove by the White House.  Well okay, it was the first Confederate White House but still pretty cool!  I told you I love the history stuff.  I did get a nice run in this trip as well.

We went back to New Orleans to work at the Rock N Roll Marathon expo.  My buddies Bryce and Butze were running the full and so I hopped in to pace them through the first half.  I had a festive time, even grabbing a Jello Shot along the way thanks to Louisiana Running Company.

Pearl Izumi did a small booth at the Mercedes Birmingham Marathon in February and we were on hand to pump up the brand.  We worked with Trak Shak for this event.  Thanks to those kind folks for the tasty beers.  I bought my shoes there when I was in college at Samford University.  Great shop.

I struck a pose in front of the old Samford Track.  They had to build a new track across the street after I tore this one up!  I always enjoy running some of our old college training loops when I'm in Birmingham.

Then of course whenever I come home to Memphis (it always goes down smooth) I have good training partners to suffer with  There are also some great run shops that I get the privilege to service like the folks at Breakaway Running.

The travel definitely makes this job interesting.  I'm so thankful to get a chance to see all the great running stores across my region and interact with some amazing people.  I am also extremely blessed to have the opportunity to share some of my experiences with my wife along the way.  I look forward to more adventures in the future and will try to post as many as possible.

See you out there!