Thursday, August 4, 2016

Running in a Monsoon. Guam Adaptations.

My wife and I moved to Guam this past July and have been here just over a month.  So what is it like running in Guam?  Mostly hot, humid, and all of the other characteristics of living near equator. Normally it looks like this photo.

Today, however, I experienced running in a monsoon for the first time.  We have entered the rainy season.  The plus is the temperature is ten degrees plus less and without the sun I was almost cold feeling the rain hit my body as I began the run.  The downside was the rain hitting me in the eyes at an almost horizontal approach with a good amount of vigor to it.  My first typhoon might be a little scary but how can you not run in it?  I might find out.

So far running in Guam is lots of roads and sidewalks, but I know there are trails to be found if I'm willing to drive to the run.  For now I've been lazy and just running from where ever we happen to be living.

I would like to share what I was thinking about during most of the run today, while monsooning.  As I was about to leave I told the man who owns the house we are renting a room in I was going for a quick four miles (it ended up being six - sweet).  He responded by saying, "I envy you."  He then went on to briefly say that thirty pounds ago he was more active and the whole deal.

During the run I thought about that comment a lot.  I thought about the truth, which he knows already too, of how it's all about just taking it easy and getting out the door.  Four miles or more might keep him indoors but what about a mile or a half a mile?  Do that for a few weeks until he's ready for four.  Or just stay with that distance.

(Even with the clouds that clearly spell out rain, sometimes it is just time
to run.  Also I wore this shirt as a shout out to the Arlington team)
I have talked to plenty of people who made me feel about my running the same as how my host felt when I said I was running four miles.  My friend +Benjamin Winrow who has done multiple +100 mile runs through mountains comes to mind.  I tried running with him for a few months and still bear the sore knee that could not handle his intensity and distances.

But that's the way it is right?  There is always someone out there who can inspire us to run farther, faster, longer, higher, in new places, in new ways, etc.  Shoot, just take the Olympics for example.  I guess when I thought about it, this is one of the main reasons +Bryan Baddorf and I write this blog (although it's been a long time since our last post).  The hope we can inspire someone to get out of their door and eat some miles, even if it only inspires us to run so we can post about it.  Wouldn't that be enough?  

So get out there and inspire someone to run.  Don't belittle anyone for running slower or shorter distance or for not running in mountains or whatever.  Just allow your running dreams and realities to spur others on into runs.  I certainly hope our running does that for others.

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(Not bad views even in the rain)